Spring in the Foothills

In between the ski season and when the high country opens up is one of my favorite times of the year.  Early season wildflowers bloom. The local brooks and streams are rushing with fresh snow melt. And the views of the distant mountains are wonderful.  It is the time of the year to be in the foothills. And again be reminded why I love living in the Rockies.


Spring in the Foothills is wonderful.  

After a winter of less-than-stunning skiing, it is a pleasure to be thrilled with the beauty found in my "backyard"

Rather than list the hikes and climbs done, it is better to show why I love living here….


The foothills wildflowers are always wonderful to see.


Pasque Flower

​Pasque Flower


​Wild Iris


Local trails where a whole day's hike can be done….



​Walker Ranch on the Eldo Lollipop

And when it rains? The trails and sites around Boulder still offer something to enjoy…



Iconic view of the Boulder Flatirons from Chautauqua


​And even if the high country is not quite ready to be hiked in, the high foothills get you pretty darn close….



​View of Longs Peak from the Twin Sisters


​This time of the year also means I get to climb after work and practice my climbing techniques for the high alpine terrain this summer.



​Mark on The Slab


All these hikes and climbs tend to be powered by good German dark chocolate. 🙂


And at the end…well, gotta have beer! 😀

​The high country may  almost be open but I will continue to enjoy the foothills in and around my adopted home. An after work hike or climb or even a quick getaway on a busy weekend makes the foothills something to cherish about living here. And something that never fails to give enjoyment.  
Post Trip Nosh –  ​My tried and true place for post-trip noshing for local jaunts in and around Boulder  is invariably the Southern Sun.  SoSun to us lazy locals, the SoSun is a South Boulder  locale (SoBo to us lazy locals again) and a more laid back version of the Mountain Sun in downtown Boulder. 

The Southern Sun is conveniently located up the road from Eldorado Canyon,  just down the road from my favorite local hike, is not far from Golden Gate Canyon State Park and is always consistently good.

Grab a Junk Burger (bacon! jalapeno! MEAT!), add some fries (which are often served for free while waiting) and enjoy the goodness that is Java Porter on nitro. Think an efficient, slightly-granola vibe. See hipsters, trustafarians, families and smelly outdoors people all mingled together in one place and enjoying themselves.  A true Boulder institution!

​Happiness is sharing a growler of Blackberry Wheat on your buddy's deck after a hike on a warm spring day.

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12 years ago

That is the good life! Great pics. One of my favorite SoSun memories as we had friends that used to live a couple blocks away…Lydia (my wife) ordered a VEGGIE burger with BACON. The waitress (more than slightly granola) had a really confused look on her face then lit up and said Rock On!