Book Review: I HIKE by Lawton “Disco” Grinter

Lawton "Disco" Grinter, best known in thru-hiking circles for producing  The Walkumentary,  has written about his ten-thousand miles of hiking. Rather than a traditional thru-hike narrative about a journey, it is a collection of short vignettes from his many years and miles spent on the long trails.


Many books about the thru-hiking experience follow a similar arc:  The author  gives a brief synopsis of the trail. Tells why they want to go on a long hike. Details the preparation entailed. The journey starts.  Crisis are overcome. An odd cast of characters are met along the way.  The author triumphantly reaches Katahdin or Manning Park five or six months later.

Within this formula, many fine books have been written (but along with some not-so-fine ones) but it is now a familiar formula used by many, many, many, MANY books.

I Hike is unique for books about the thru-hiking experience. Rather than a narrative of a single hike, I Hike is more reminiscent of an Eiger Dreams  for the backpacking set.    A collection of colorful stories from many miles of backpacking.

And Disco does tell a colorful tale. Be it  a welcome haven from the cold weather somewhere in Washington state or what one enterprising German named Speedo does in the middle of Wyoming's Great Divide Basin, these are all stories that will bring a smile, a laugh or introspection after each read.

The book also appeals to those who are not long distance backpackers.   My someone' loves the outdoors but has no desire to spend five months eating Ramen noodles. Our copy has mysteriously found a new home on her nightstand. It is a book she loves to pick up and read in between her studies, working and cleaning up the mess I make in our kitchen.  🙂  As someone said,  "The stories are funny and wonderfully told".

I HIKE by  Lawton "Disco" Grinter is a collection of tales  that anyone who has an interest in backpacking or long journeys will enjoy. Tales  from the funny, to the heartfelt to the joyous, it is campfire story telling at is best.  Grab a cold drink from the cooler, pull up a log and listen to Disco tell tales of his walking through the backcountry of America.

Want to purchase a copy? Check out Disco's website:

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Roleigh Martin
12 years ago

Can you please make your book available in Kindle format? You can use the software program Calibre to do it fast. It makes the book easier to read for those with poor eyesight. Thanks.