Southbound to Georgia!

I left Rhode Island the day before my brother started his new life in South Carolina.  My dash to RI took in a faster pace than my preference, but I felt it essential to maximize time with my friends and family back in my home state.

But time to head south and see my Dad in Greenville, NC.

First I’d take a detour and see my good friend Nahum in Blacksburg.

Nahum, myself, and many of our friends spent some memorable times in Boulder and beyond.  Nights where Nahum, an astrophysicist, gave impromptu star talks under the Utah sky.  Or long hikes of off-trail exploration. And many discussions on politics, religion, and history.  I last visited Nahum in Blacksburg when I did my BMT thru-hike in 2009. 

I took the scenic way the famous Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.

The road proved to be more scenic and relaxing then I-81. Additionally, I saw quite a few AT hikers.  I felt inspired to get a blackberry shake at a wayside. Nostalgia is a powerful drug, afterall.

I arrived in Blacksburg and saw Patricia, Nahum, and his children at their home overlooking a ridge we’d hike the following morning.

Nahum and I talked into the evening and watched the fireflies on a cool Virginia night.

The following morning we hiked a local favorite.  Wildflowers, misty back country roads, and small ponds highlighted our route.

After the hike, Nahum gave me a quick tour of the Blacksburg area and the campus. We then enjoyed breakfast together before I head to points south. What better way to catch up with a good friend than on a hike?

But time to head south.

My Dad and his wife call Greenville, NC home.

Located at the head of the Pamlico River, the area’s most colorful facet (in my opinion, anyway) is for being a home base for Edward Teach. A.K.A Blackbeard.  A tour of Blackbeard’s flagship is available on a limited basis, too.

Apparently Blackbeard called this estuary home.

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The purpose of this trip was not to play tourist but to catch up with Dad and Kathy. Enjoy some meals, drink some local beer, and meet some of his neighbors.

Dad stocked the beer fridge in preparation for the visit. I think we may be related! 😀

The lack of no major excursions did not prove to be an issue. The unusually warm temps and very high humidity is not something this Colorado boy enjoys!

I did make myself useful and joined Dad for volunteering at the JOY Soup Kitchen. I have the luxury of giving myself the gift of time. Other people do not.

We then took lunch at local BBQ place that is cash only, always has a line, and closes once all the food is sold. An authentic NC BBQ experience!

Dad and I talked and simply enjoyed each other’s company. A low key visit that I thoroughly enjoyed.

But time to move on Georgia and see a certain NPS ranger…

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