Some sprucing up

You may have noticed a bit of a new look on this website.

Unlike the significant overhaul in June 2017, I’ve only changed the aesthetics of the site and did not perform a lot of “under the hood” type work. An evening of playing around with Word Press themes and a few other minor touches spruced up the site a bit. Much easier with much less technical debt to pay off vs. a year and a half ago.

I’ve tried to keep a clean look but wanted to have more of a modern full page and adaptive page experience.

Overall, the look and feel are not radically different. And I think the end user experience will be the same. But I like how the site flows better vs the previous iteration.

Anyway, if the work I did in June 2017 ended up being the equivalent of remodeling, rewiring, and redoing the plumbing all at once, this revision is more of a new paint job, rearranging the furniture a small bit, and perhaps replacing the couch and a photo or two on the living room wall.

Happy Trails…and happy web browsing!


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  1. I like it! You could easily change your career to graphic design instead of IT. Tho there is a blurring of the two these days in some quarters.

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