Snooze Alarm Weekend

Every Thursday or Friday, Joan and I look over maps, guidebooks, and other resources to plan out a trip for the weekend. In what seemed so long ago, planning these trips proved easy in terms of choices available. Within two hours, we have so many opportunities to explore, hike, or just take in the scenery.

Except times are not the same. We need to go to open places within an hour of our home and not likely to engage the potential SAR resources.  We want to do what is not just legally but also ethically accessible. Another parameter to add to our trip planning for the weekend.

We jokingly call these weekends our “snooze alarm” weekends.

Not because we sleep in, but because we can have “just one more weekend” of local backpacking.  Even if with the restrictions put in place by the local governments; and the stricter stipulation we put on ourselves, we can always find something to do. We can keep it within an hour of home and still find places to see and explore.

And that means walking along canyon rims, getting high up enough to see ponderosas and again thinking we are in New Mexico.

And of course, following the ancient travels paths of those who came before us through this area.

We found this boulder at a junction of two canyons.

And a pleasure to always see the first signs of spring with the aptly named “Spring Beauty” wildflowers.

Though we rarely seek out “the perfect campsite,” we seem to continue to find places both sheltered and high on the scale of memorable places to call home for an evening.

Sitting on the edge of the canyon rim, watching the setting sun, and of course, having a little bit of rum and cider to bring in the evening gave us another “Snooze alarm” weekend.

How much longer can we have “just one more weekend”?  

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4 years ago

Cool pix!
Is the “one hour” rule a Utah thing?

4 years ago

Understand. Just checking on the different set of rules we are all living under.