Skiing into the New Year

The year 2011 is starting fine style with a lot of skiing. Telemark descents, Nordic tours and even one area day at Eldora with Josh (my first time doing area skiing in 5+ yrs!).  I was lucky enough to be on skis every weekend in January. Not bad. 🙂  Here are some highlights…


New Year's Weekend was spent up neart Cameron Pass outside of Ft. Collins. The weather plummted to -15F on the first day (without the windchill!), warmed up to -5F for the second day and topped off at 15F one balmy and sunny day. Great way to start the year!

Moving along the trail on a balmy -5F day

In Mother Russia, we embrace the cold. Da!

Wonderful views from the Sawmill Trail on our last day

All the photos…


Another great trip was to James Peak Wilderness where cold and wind were embraced along with the impressive mountains.

Rom organized this trip and had all the halmarks of a  'Rom Trip' from the past. Those who have done trips with Rom knows what that means… 😉

Embrace the duct tape!!!

Storm over the divide

Windy Wendy! As usual, the trailhead area was the worse place!

All the photos
Arestua Hut near Rollins Pass was of course a highlight. A wonderful, quick and relaxing overnighter (Sun/Mon) with some grand views towards James Peak to balance out the lousy snow. Alas, I forgot my memory card!!!!
Janaury proved to a wonderful month. Showing why I enjoy the Colorado Winter so much. Onward to February!


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