Powder Hunting in the Valley

There are some days that are just so perfect in the backcountry.  The right mix of conditions, wonderful company and just plain fun.

This past Saturday was one of those days.  We again went to Hidden Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park.

As with our last time there, d-low and I were able to get  some (needed!) practice on our downhill technique.

Unlike last time, the conditions were optimal. The powder was deep enough with even a hastily repaired binding (thanks the patience of my friends, a bungie cord and me grudgingly allow my usual stubborn self to be assisted. 😉 ), the turns came easier.  The weather cooperated enough were we able to climb higher for our descent. What more to say..it was indeed perfect.

What added to the enjoyment was that I was able to get Josh out for his time off-area on his tele setup and he had a blast. I even managed to pull someone away from the books to come out and ski.

More than one group heading up the valley commented on out perma-grins. 

Yeah..it was that kind of day.

Life ain't bad. Not at all.

Wendy and Josh are STOKED!!! Yeah..stoked.

Tommy enjoying his run in the powder!


Trudging in the open terrain

Taking of the skins for the descent down


After our run down the mountain. Snowy day!

All the photos



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