Skiing into Spring

Every year, a rhythm repeats itself.

In November, I putz around in the foothills and hike into the mixed weather and raw conditions.

By mid-December, the first flakes of snow hit.

A smile lights up on my face.

I wax up my skis or break out the skins, throw on my favorite pair of wool ski pants, fill up a thermos with a favorite  hot drink and grab my boots.

The first swish the powder is exhilarating. I again rejoice in gliding along a backcountry trail.

It is ski season again. And I am happy!


Every weekend is a new place to explore or an old favorite to enjoy.

By late March though, things start to wind down. The snow is a tad bit warmer. The snow sticks more.

By April, the last skis are done (with the occasional late Spring ski) and I am again getting ready for hiking season.

The last weekend of March and the first weekend of April were all about skiing.   The middle weekends in April is being taken up with travel (business or vacation) and the last weekend in April is for a trip to the Comanche Grasslands.    These weekends may very well be the last skis of the season….

The first ski was a tour at Brainard Lake with some friends and someone.

At Christmas, I had purchased some touring skis for her. She enjoyed the lighter gear and 'hiking as skiing' concept of Nordic gear. When she asked me about  THE RING, I said with a smile on my face that new skis are the same thing, right? 🙂

In any case, it was good to have someone out with us.  As it was the first time we had seen many people since we had become officially engaged, many congratulations were given in the beautiful late winter weather.


My lovely fiance'.  If I do say so. 🙂

The day was about perfect. The wind died down, it was about the right temperature and the usual Colorado views I've grown to love.


The following day, my friend Mark and I went to Arapaho Lake and enjoyed the freshly falling snow and being nestled just under the Continental Divide.

We skied down in the trees and enjoyed the deep powder.

The customary burger and beer was had after!


Of course I had to some more skiing the first weekend of April. No photos… but it was an enjoyable weekend!

 Mark and I had an interesting experience Sunday.  It started off with whiteout conditions at Bald Mtn outside of Caribou. We skied back into tree line, made some quick turns and then headed back to the car and warmed up a bit.

A decision was then made: Mark had a pass I could use for nearby Eldora ski mountain.  So, for an hour or so, I enjoyed making turns. The sun came out, it was warm and Mark had a beer waiting for me at the small tavern located on-site!   From backcountry to one last time at a local ski resort.

Not a bad way to end the season….

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