Skiing in Feb and March

Not the best or most photogenic year for skiing. Not to say we did not do any skiing….it just wasn’t as good as past years. We made the best of the ski season though.


Though my friends and I did get to do the Sourdough Trail, some other favorites were not done in the latter part of this winter. The Peaks Trail was missed. Peru Creek will have to be done in another year. And somehow I missed the Arestua Hut.

Still, manager to get in some skiing almost every weekend. Can’y complain overall.

If there was a highlight, it was a trip to the Jackal Hut.

A stiff little ski (esp when carrying a 3 ltr box of wine and enough food for a 16 person dinner!) that has great views from the hut. Despite the warmer temps, the snow was surprisingly good at elevation (if not as good lower down).


The trip featured good views….




Wonderful company…..



….and interesting characters!



Spring is here…and hiking season is about to start!

All the photos


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