Simple Pleasures

The joy of the simple pleasures.

“Simple Pleasures!” – My dad on seeing this photo

I’ve been gone pretty much every weekend since…well, for a while. 🙂

I love to maximize my outdoor time especially since I am a working stiff. Last weekend, I was gone from Friday until very late Sunday. It was a great trip, but combined with a busy work week (including a deployment that went south and I did not get home until 12:30 AM!!! ) and a busy personal week, and I was rather beat by Friday evening.

For various reasons, I tend to want  every weekend to BE VERY FULL. The capital letters are no accident.  Somehow I feel as if I am wasting the weekend if I am “just” relaxing.

If the weekend does not involve some off-trail scramble, a lot of skiing or even a remote car camping trip, I feel like the weekend has been wasted.

I realize the silliness of this conceit at times, but I love the outdoors. And I want to be out as much as I can. And if I am just home, sipping coffee and reading? I feel a bit guilty. As if I am squandering an opportunity. Call it many generations of Catholic guilt applied to the outdoors! 😉

Alas, I am only human. As much as I hate to admit it, I need a weekend to recharge the batteries. A chance to relax. And yes, pretty much do nothing.  And the kicker? I enjoy it once in a while.

someone and I spent the weekend having a leisurely breakfast  Going to a planetarium show at CU-Boulder.  Taking a casual hike. And hanging out at a favorite coffee shop after.

It was not class three scrambling or traversing through snow fields. Or even seeing a riot of  colors in a meadow full of wildflowers.

It was relaxing. It was enjoyable. And it was just what we needed.

It is Monday, and I am already craving ANOTHER BIG WEEKEND.

But ending the past weekend while sitting on a deck chair, looking at the foothills and sipping a beer with the Mrs is not bad at all, either.


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