San Juans Solstice

A delight of living in Moab is the closeness of the Colorado San Juans.

In the past, I’d have to take vacation time or squeeze in holiday weekends to see arguably the most scenic range in Colorado.

Now? We can park at a trailhead or camped in a dispersed area in fewer than three hours and easily backpack some of the lesser-known nooks and crannies of this range.

In the San Juan mountains of Colorado. PCO Joan.

Joan and I planned a route away from lakes or 14ers. Not only did we have an excellent dispersed site easily for our quick Friday night camping, but we only saw two dirt bikers the entire time while hiking on the trails.

PCO Joan.

The “trails” aspect made this route unusual for us – no off-trail jaunts, scrambling, or obscure navigation along ghost trails.

We hiked, followed marked trails, and enjoyed the scenery.

In particular, we enjoyed a quick hike near our campsite to an obscure 12000′ or so peak at sunset.

PCO Joan

A peak with encompassing views of the 13ers and 14ers that make up the San Juans.

Hiking ended up as a delight for the rest of the weekend.

And early summer, wildflowers dotted the landscape.

A simple trip. Perhaps not a five-star, All Trails extravaganza. And not something that TikInstaTubers may talk about while doing gear reviews.

But for Joan and I, it is further evidence of why we enjoy the life we chose, which means easy access to stunning outdoor places. And places where few people go at that.

There’s not much more I need in my life.

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2 years ago

As usual, awesome!

2 years ago

“There’s not much more I need in my life.”
Yep, for me “simple is ample”.

Karl K Gottshalk
Karl K Gottshalk
2 years ago

Nice indeed