S240: Crater Lakes

A quick autumn amble with someone

Just a quick S240 with my lovely someone.

She wanted a backpacking trip close to home lower in the mileage range. I just wanted to get out.

So we went to the popular day hiking area of Crater Lakes.

We left later in the day, avoided most of the day hike traffic going up and found a suitable campsite tucked away from everyone.

The fall weather was just about perfect. Crisp during the day with a touch of fall color around us.

We explored a little bit and  it made for a “big” four mile day.

But it was not about the mileage…it was simply enjoying a lovely area during a great time of the year.

The following morning, we again timed it well. Down at the trailhead by 10:30 AM. A little before most of the day hikers arrived for their Sunday stroll.

As we headed out, the scenery seemed perfect to take a photo of an old school house. Something I’ve been passing by for fifteen years and always noticed how picturesque it was with the Rockies behind it. The hint of yellow on the hill side was a perfect backdrop for the photo.  Time to finally take one!

The old school house was, for the most part, the only remains of the once bustling tourist town of Tolland.  So it goes in the West: Boom and bust.  Mining, oil, tech, construction, tourism….   What is a bustling area in 1904 is now a a dirt road on the way to a trail head. Who knows what will be a ghost town or thriving in 2104?

Within an hour, we were back in town. Errands were run in preparation for our trip to Taos later this week.

A wonderful time to be out. Be it a quick trip as with this past weekend or for four days later this week!

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