RIP Kia Sorento, 2005 – 2020

For ten years, I’ve owned a 2005 Kia Sorento. An assuming mid-sized SUV that I’ve owned for a decade, it took me from one coast to another, up and down the mountain roads, and through the desert. And I spent nearly a year mainly living out of it.

The 2005 Sorento is now a rarity in 2020. And a different from current Sorento models: A mid-sized SUV built on a truck frame with 4WD and 4L and 4H.

In other words, more of a truck and less of a beefed-up station wagon, surprisingly capable on rough roads, good ground clearance, and still a daily driver. And the reasons why I partially held on to it so long.

Somewhere in Nevada.

It took us to many great places and made an excellent vehicle for our outdoor jaunts. Always packed with a “perma-camping kit,” we could be out the door with it in under an hour. Or less.

In the high desert outside of Moab this past spring. A trip we planned out that afternoon.

Alas, after over 200,000 miles and a used engine put in a while back, the Kia is at the point of no return. In the space of 10 miles, “something” happened, the temp gauge spiked, and the sickly sweet smell of coolant permeated the air. Even after immediately stopping, smoke still came from the engine. You don’t have to be a mechanic to know that a hot Utah day and an overheated engine = a ruined engine. Luckily it all happened on pavement and within a pocket of cell reception.

Luck indeed in our neck of the high desert.

In AZ, just past the California border.

I signed over the title to a charity Wednesday, and the tow truck took it away. Saturday, we get a new-to-us Toyota Tacoma.

But that’s another story.

So long, Kia, and thanks for the places you took us.

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3 years ago

Very sorry for your loss.

Mike B
Mike B
3 years ago

I’ll pour out a quart of 30W.