Red Rock & Golden Leaves

We decided to stay local this weekend with rains, storms, flash flood warnings, and potentially dicey back roads. As we had guests in town, it all worked well.

Our hikes took us to a local area still mainly unknown to most, making for an enjoyable and interesting place to ramble.

And we stumble upon places we did not notice previously.

After this hike, we went up the La Sals and hiked a trail recovering from the Pack Creek fire of last year.

With splashes of color throughout, it reminded me, more than a bit, of northern New England.

Our route took us below the base of the higher peaks of the La Sals with its coat of yellow aspens.

As we passed, Joan seemed delighted that a favorite grove of pines survived the fires.

PCO Joan

We could see the clouds building up in the distance, with a storm cloud moving in quickly. Our phones went off with a flash flood warning about a mile from our vehicle.

A quick hike through the New England-like woods, and weather, brought us to the trailhead just in time for the storm’s full arrival.

With winds, rain, and an interesting drive through minor flooding on roads, we arrived none too soon.

An interesting fall here on the Colorado Plateau. Here’s hoping for the cool and dry autumn soon we enjoy so much.

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