Quick Tip : Ziploc for water gathering

Over the years, I’ve gathered a few little tricks to make backpacking a little easier. And sometimes these tricks, surprisingly, are not as well known.

I discussed one such trick concerning my hydration systems but bares worth mentioning on its own – use a Ziploc to gather water at seeps, springs, or potholes.

PCO Joan West

It’s a simple trick but an effective one. On many trips, Joan and I will gather more than enough water to make camp for the evening, hydrate, cook dinner, and start our day the following morning.

It’s a seemingly helpful and straightforward technique that people aren’t aware of, as I thought.

If you want to become a savvy desert traveler, have a clean Ziploc, scoop up some shallow water, and go forth and hydrate!

PCO Joan

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2 years ago

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