Quick tip: Xmas Tree Disposal bag = emergency shelter

Another quick tip just in time for the coming season.



For winter day use activities, it is good to be prepared.  Have the appropriate layers, right clothing, and the right equipment.  An emergency repair kit for skis is always good and a shovel of course.

But even the most prepared person can run into trouble. Accidents happen, or the weather can turn very rapidly.

A simple emergency shelter can make the difference between sitting out a storm (or waiting out an accident) in slight discomfort or getting into some seriously deep sh**.

At this time of the year, a simple, light and inexpensive emergency shelter is readily available at your local hardware store: A disposable Christmas tree bag.

Unlike an emergency blanket, the bag is total coverage and is big enough to get into with your pack.  Dig out a snow bank, get into the bag (keep the bag open, of course! ) and with your regular day use layers you should be OK until the morning.

At a tad over 4 oz, and very compact, the bag easily fits in with your typical day use snowshoe or backcountry ski kit.  And for the cost of less than an overpriced coffee drink at your favorite coffee shop, the wallet will not exactly take a big hit.

So when you are out and about picking up an ugly sweater for your party, consider getting a Christmas tree disposal bag for your backcountry winter day kit.

Simple, light, inexpensive and effective. Winner!


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9 years ago

Is this item found next to the blow up snowmen and plastic icicles? 🙂 I notice you too are always on trail alert applicable status. Could definitely work for the task of emergency garbage bag shelter. Seems large enough to stuff with dry vegetation like leaves that can absorb body moisture and add a bit of insulation that you crawl into. Could be a short term very light duty dirt bag tarp if cut length wise or possibly one or two ground cloth sheets(hmm?). $2 rain poncho anyone? $2 @ 4 oz heck worth a shot. If it doesn’t work… Read more »