More weekend climbing

I am not a climber.

Meaning, in the way I identify my outdoor pursuits, climbing is something I dabble in only.

I’d rather enjoy the simplicity of hiking.

A good pair of shoes, a small pack, a few snacks, fleece, and some water and off I go.

Climbing?  The requires more gear even for someone like myself who does not lead climb.

And it is not something where the mind can wander.

But invariably I find myself on a climb during the season.

Why? It is a good way to socialize with friends, I see things usually not accessible, and it is a way to strengthen my outdoor skill sets for other pursuits.

So, one sunny Saturday in May, I found myself on a multi-pitch climb. In this lightly used area, easy to get off-route. In summary,

In summary, a mellow 5.5 climb turned into a 5.8r or even 5.9r per my friend. A bit above my usual comfort level. 🙂

Through in some 4th class scrambling at the summit area, and a ‘shwackalicous descent back to the car, and easy to see why we had this area to ourselves.

And it was worth the unexpected challenges. A perfect high foothill in mid-May when the high country is still covered in snow.

After a few hours and a few pitches, the summit area was reached. A break was taken, and some scrambling was done to get to the actual summit.

A perfect place to enjoy the view, take a well-deserved break, and appreciate what was accomplished.

Alas, we had to head down eventually. Some ‘schwacking was done back to the unofficial trailhead.

The car was reached the lighting was perfect to admire where we climbed just above us.

Up close view of where we climbed. PCO Mark T.

A bit more challenging of a trip than intended. But good to push the limits a bit and sharpen the skills.


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6 years ago

Great use of the term ” ‘shwackalicous ”

Thanks for sharing!