More Moab Meanderings

I continue to explore and savor my new home. Even within twenty minutes of me, I continue to be astounded at the beauty, history, and wildness I can always find.

There’s a spot not far from us. A place only three miles away that often gets lost in the famous scenery around Moab. But we never fail to find it fascinating.

More wildflowers continue to pop. And the La Sals show the 200% snowpack that is not going away anytime soon.

And a previously seen panel reveals something new. I realized for the first time that a very faded full-figure petroglyph is in evidence next to a spiral. You can see jewelry along the chest, the head, and the bracelets on the wrists and the ankles. To quote the philosopher Yogi Berra:You can observe a lot by watching.”


And above it all that can only be reached by scrambling up the rock face? A figure with a Thunderbird headdress. Perhaps placed on purpose as it is above all the other art.

And below the other art, a very faded figure. But there are obvious sharpening marks where these ancient artists sharpened their tools. A tangible sign of those who came through these canyons 700+ years ago.

Even during the week, there is more to see an experience.

An oasis in the desert along a creek and at a waterfall. Busy by late morning, but get there before 10 AM, and you have the place to yourself.

And beyond the waterfall goes deeper into the canyon with wildflowers, Rock Images, and more lushness that you would not expect in the desert.

And this canyon can lead up to the La Sal mountains and to the areas I mentioned above.

Another old migration path.

And a  good bit of wildness found in the heart of Moab.

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Joan lind jarvis
Joan lind jarvis
5 years ago

There’s a joy in hiking a local trail over and over again. There’s always some new discovery–a glistening spider web, a brightly banded snake slithering away, a turn of the season bloom opening, a glow light before an approaching storm, a river otter popping his head over the rim of the creek bank…. So long as you engage all your senses, it’s never boring.

Monty Pirtle
Monty Pirtle
5 years ago

Always enjoy your photos and commentary! I have a question about third photo from the bottom: I can see small white divots on the dark background; would this perchance be the result of Bubba target practicing? Hope not.