Long term review – Nazaroo Performance Insoles

I learned a long time ago that the factory insoles that come with shoes are, to use a technical term, crap.

Thin, not much support, and one step removed from corrugated cardboard for overall effectiveness. For my slightly flat and slightly pronating foot, I find I need something more than the wafer-thin supports that come standard with athletic shoes when putting in a full day of hiking.

I recently tested some high-end inserts (retails for over $80) on the remarkably stiff side that ended up causing foot pain on the big toes of both feet. So much for that overused trope ofYou get what you pay for.”

What does work for me? More pliable inserts that don’t try to shape my foot.

I’ve had good luck with inexpensive Dr. Scholes-like inserts when on the road or in the middle of a hike and buying locally.

But the ones that work the best for me? The $15 Nazaroo Performance Insoles are semi-rigid inserts that provide a mix of firmness and pliability for optimum support for my feet when hiking the miles or scrambling over the terrain. Unlike other budget inserts, these insoles are sold appropriately for a specific shoe size with no trimming needed.

The quality and performance are no different than ones I’ve used in the past that cost more than twice the price — and worked better than the $80 wonders that caused me foot pain. 🙂

I first used these insoles in my shoes for my Utah walk in the Fall of 2017. I am now on my sixth insole. After many miles over the past two years, I can state that, given a choice, I’ll continue to use the Nazaroo insoles as my preferred insole for all my shoe purchases.

Is this insert the best for everyone? Of course, not. Every foot (and shoe) is different. What works for me may or may not work for you.

What I do know is that the $15 Nazaroo Performance Insoles work best for me.

Disclosure: I purchased these insoles with my funds.

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Cliff Farris
2 years ago

I have used insoles from prescribed $400.00 models to Walgreens and Dr. Scholl’s and $60 models from REI. By far, the most are the Nazaroo insoles. They have just the right amount of give, support, and comfort. I have now bought six pairs. My dog likes them as much as I do and has eaten two pairs. Alaska Leather sells insole toppers cut from the spare pieces of sheepskin fleeces for motorcycle buttpads. I put these on top of the Nazaroo to mold to every bump in my feet. https://alaskaleather.com/ The comfort and durability are out of this world. Highly… Read more »

Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen
1 year ago

Thanks for the recommendation Paul! My pair just came home today. I’m looking forward to logging some mileage on these bad boys.

Paul Mags
1 year ago
Reply to  Andrew Nguyen

Awesome! Stilil my insoles of choice.