Meh…REI’s #optoutside campaign

For some odd reason, many people are all abuzz about REI’’s #optoutside campaign.

How noble it is for a company to close on Black Friday. How it is great that they give their employees a paid day off (Full time and part time both? I honestly don’t know.) and how other companies should follow their lead.


To me it is just a big MEH…

Much like McKayla Maroney at the 2012 Olympics perhaps. Except I’m short, bald and have no athletic grace. Other than that…

REI is a company that makes a bulk of their sales through online ordering.  I suspect their mainly affluent and “professional

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3 Replies to “Meh…REI’s #optoutside campaign”

  1. I am now on the fence also about this. Your comment about full or part time really got me wondering. I work part time at a Target and take no benefits plus I don’t acquire any vacation hours. This makes me really think about #opouttside

  2. Have found out that ALL REI employees are getting paid time off regardless of full or part time status. Maybe they did do the right thing?

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