May Day Snowy Birthday

A historic snowstorm in my neck of the Colorado Front Range altered my birthday plans.

I will not work on my birthday. And I must spend it outside.

The plans were to go to New Mexico and enjoy a mixture of backpacking, delicious food, history, and exploring the rich cultural tapestry of this area I love so much.

But I was not about to drive down during a sloppy mess Thursday night or Friday morning.

A friend of mine took my no-so-subtle hint about my birthday (Subtlety is not a known family trait.. 😉 )  and suggested a foothill hikes in the snow and a late lunch.

I met my friend at Chautauqua, and it seemed much of Boulder was playing hookie.  But with the iconic view above, easy to see why.

We drove to a trailhead below Flagstaff and post holed in the nearly two-feet of wet and heavy spring snow.

Photo from SLF

But it was quite lovely in the foothills. An anomaly for this time of the year. And somehow enchanting.

Cassy agreed!

My friend took me to a favorite overlook of hers. A place where she fell in love with Boulder and the surrounding areas for the first time.

Photo from SLF

A good place to be on this day. Hiking, off work, with a friend.

Photo from SLF.

We made our way to the Sunrise Amphitheatre overlook Boulder.

Some hot chai was enjoyed as we took in the view.

We hiked back down to the car.  With the trail we had already broken, the going was much quicker!

After being treated to a  later afternoon lunch at a favorite restaurant, we went back to where we met up.

Some last views and photos were taken just before I headed home.

Not that day I planned, but a wonderful way to spend my birthday.

And I am off to New Mexico in the AM. 🙂


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