Long term review – Flat Stone Cooking Platform (FSCP)

A treasured item I’ve used for a decade now is Flat Stone Cooking Platform (FSCP).

Made of the latest proprietary manufacturing materials, the FSCP is suitable for any situation that requires setting a stove on the surface and then boiling water.

The flatness, convenient shape, and ease of use make this piece of kit a MUST-HAVE for my outdoor jaunts.

With the fire danger now found throughout the American West, it ensures a stable and fireproof platform to make mac’ cheese, heat water for the rum and cider course, and perhaps some last-minute fondue delights (I’ve never actually done this backpacking, but we could!).

Earlier versions proved heavy but durable. Newer versions, made of dynamic composite material, create a platform nearly as strong but even lighter.

The few times I forget to pack the FSCP, Joan reminds me of my folly, and heating up hot water becomes more difficult.

And, somewhere, Smokey the Bear shakes his head at my negligence.


You really won’t like Smokey when he’s angry.


So, consider packing a FSCP. Can’t find one? I’m sure REI will gladly sell you one for a great deal!

From REI for $25. Inferior to my FSCP.

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3 months ago

I find it works best paired with a Stouffer’s-brand windscreen, which comes with free lasagna.

3 months ago

Best article on 4/1/24,

3 months ago

Cute! Thanks for your humor 🙂 + good advice/ideas/gear/+

3 months ago

Ultra-cheap. But ultra-light?