Long term gear review – Titanium step stool

As with many people whose ancestors came from the Mediterranean, I did not inherit a tallness gene.

I clock in at a mighty 5’6″.

This means I am either on the tall side of short, or I am on the short side of average.  Take your pick!

Stock photo from All Access Boston.

While I can’t say my outdoor pursuits suffered, I feel an extra boost for climbing, scrambling, and reaching would come in handy for time spent outdoors.

And with that in mind, I introduce something I’ve tested these past two years – The Titanium Step Stool.

With this marvelous piece of gear, I instantly gain an extra 6″ of height that lets me reach up the handholds, peer over the tops of canyon rims more accessibly, get in and out of our truck bed that much easier, and make it so I can see easier during parades!

Folding perfectly for easy and compact carrying while backpacking, it allows me to get into those hard-to-reach places.

As a bonus, it means I can spot things easily as Joan!


Much like I’ll swap out my Circuit for my Catalyst with specific backpacking trips, I also purchase the 13″ Titanium Step Stool Deluxe when I need that extra bit of oomph for more arduous journeys.

Like this remote lake in the San Juans. Or a photo of a photo of a remote lake in the San Juans.

Overall I can’t say enough good things about my Titanium Step Stool, and it is a piece of gear I’ll use for decades to come.

Disclosure – I purchased the titanium step stool with our funds.

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2 years ago

how do you retrieve the step tool once you climb over something?

2 years ago
Reply to  Paul Mags

A folding step stool for be great to carry around for the children in my class to use we when go for our hikes.
Plus we’ve got several of these already, so no cost incurred.

2 years ago

Multipurpose gear, for sure.I could have used it a few times in Canyonlands. Have you tried it as a grill yet? 😉

2 years ago

I’d sooner wear that as a protective hat for my bald head that’s over 190 cm above ground … It would also protect my eyes when bushwhacking through dense brush. A true multipurpose item for lightweight backpacking!