Local Moab winter hikes

Joan finished a project Saturday, leaving me to hike out and about on m own.

I decided to drive up the road and see places I had not seen in a while.

Winter makes an excellent time to see the familiar and the popular. But with fewer people.

And it also means I can see things less known and often obscured a bit.

While in the “neighborhood,” I checked on another place I had not seen in a while.

The following day, Joan joined me for another local outing.

We again visited the familiar san crowds –

And Joan even did a balancing act near an aptly named rock.

From there, we wandered the valley on a cold winter day.

At times we want the simple pleasure of hiking locally, enjoying our “backyard,” and settling in for the winter’s night.


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1 year ago

Thanks, Paul, for the beautiful photos! Wish we had such gorgeous places like this in the Northeast.