Local in the winter

With our truncated backpacking trip, we decided Sunday mad an excellent time to catch up on some chores, relax, and receive another anxiously awaited order from West Desert Gear & Repair.

Specifically, she put together a 40F synthetic over-quilt.

A synthetic outer quilt not only adds warmth to a three-season quilt but also helps with condensation issues and protects the inner down layer. I am looking forward to using it in colder weather!

For the #MYOG crowd, Joan wanted me to add –


3.6 ounce/sq yard Climashield® APEX

She used this info here and here.

“The biggest difference is that I quilted the inner fabric to the Apex — think it will hold up better.”

All this info means almost nothing to me, so please don’t ask me to elaborate. 😉

The weather did break a bit, and we used the opportunity to go on a local pre-dinner hike.

With the clouds and setting sun, this short and sweet hike gave us unforgettable views.

The weather returned for the holiday, but it gave us a chance to scope out another local hike with some images at a prominent place.

A large boulder gave an expansive view of the area, and we found various images on all points of the boulder.

A perfect place to take in more of the cultural geography of the area.

The drizzle started moving in, and we headed back and reached our vehicle just as the drizzle turned to sleet.

We settled in for the snowy week, and if the sloppy weather changed our plans, it provided some much-needed moisture all over the American West. And snow in the high desert always makes for a magical time.

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Ellie Thomas
1 year ago

The river shot is fantastic! Great composition and light. Thanks for sharing.