Kenosha Ridge Walk

One of my main passions in life is the outdoors.

The outdoors is where I seek solace. And where I do most of my important thinking. It is where I am most content.

This weekend was no different.

I went tot the mountains.

And it is where I went to think. To enjoy the beauty. And perhaps come to some conclusions.

The chosen place was relatively local. A version of the Kenosha traverse was done. One I had done before.

Except it was the tail end of fall.

The weather was a bit crisper.

The leaves still had some color.

I made my way up the snow covered trail and reached a meadow.

The meadow was soon left as I made my way cross-country up to the ridge of the Kenosha mountains.

The air was cool and the air was breezy.  I had the ridge to myself.

I made my way along. Making the miles as I was lost in thought.

These rounded, gentle summits are conducive to this type of hiking.

I could simply walk. And take it all in.

Camp was made on the ridge. A mountain sunset was enjoyed as I settled in for the evening.

Night came and went. I made my way back down to the trail.

The last bit of this brief, but beautiful, season was enjoyed.

I drove back home.

The outdoors will be there when I again need time to think.  Or even just to enjoy.  Or marvel at the beauty.

But, above else, to simply be content and feel at peace.

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Patrick Hill
7 years ago

“…be content and feel at peace.” I hear you, buddy!

7 years ago

How nice. In my new hobby, spearfishing, I’m still at that “electric” phase where every dive seems to be colored with the possibility of danger and excitement. Sharks, drowning or passing boats.
But there are moments when I look up through the kelp and see a school of White Sea Bass or surface off Catalina with hundreds of cormorants flapping right overhead and know a peace I don’t seem to have so much on shore.
That’s one of the tricks, right? To carry that peace back from the mountain or ocean.

7 years ago

I think I will show this post to my wife, she seems confused about why I need to spend time outside. Sometimes I just want “to be” and the outdoors makes “being” easy.

Nice pics, really like the sunset