Musings on Hatch Green Chile, 4oz can

There are certain items in my backpacking kit that I try to keep paired down. Items that are light and mainly functional.

A quilt has been my mainstay piece of sleeping equipment for a few years now. I prefer a frameless ruck for most of my backpacking. And I like to keep my shelters on the simple side.

But we all have certain items we like to take because it adds a little bit of comfort or enjoyment to our treks.

Such an item for me? Hatch Green Chile.

Fire roasted in, and shipped from,  New Mexico…a source of many great things.

And I sadly used up my last can of Hatch Green Chile this evening; a few days after I went to Costco.  I realize how important this product is to my outdoor excursions.


Also, comes in hotter varieties.

A 4oz can is just the right amount to add the right panache to any backcountry cuisine.  Not too big or bulky. Does not weight that much for an overnight trip or even a first meal on a longer excursion.

Throw the chiles in your mac and cheese with chicken. The classic comfort food dish has some spice to it.

Add it to instant beans and rice, mix with some cheese and throw it in a wrap and you have some backcountry TexMex goodness.

Easily open up with that wonderful invention of the P38 or P51 can opener.

Going car camping? Add it to your egg scramble, stews or soups.

Conveniently sold in a twelve-pack package at Costco.

And often used in my daily cooking, too.

I always have a can in my cupboard.

Except I just used my last can.

On a Thursday before a trip.

I’ll be OK.

I’ll make do.

But a spicy backcountry dish on a cold Colorado autumn night?


I’ll just have to buy two cases next time I go to Costco.

This can’t happen again.

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7 years ago

While I do enjoy Hatch chiles, I’ve never had the canned variety. I grow and roast my own. Technically they’re not Hatch chiles, but the seeds came from Hatch chiles. I passed through Hatch a few years ago and bought some while I was there. I just roasted a big batch of them for Green Tomato Salsa. We don’t have Costco around here, So I might have to mail order some cans. I would like to try them.

7 years ago
Reply to  Paul Mags

I saw chiles being roasted while I was in Hatch. They were using a wire tumbler and a big propane torch. I still roast mine over a wood fire and the flavor that the smoke gives them is indescribable. When the skins are charred, it’s time to take them off and let them steam in a zip lock bag. Once they cool a bit, the skins just slide off. Remove the stems and seeds, chop them up and they are ready to use.

7 years ago

I was pretty certain before but now I know for sure! Any man that takes a can of green chiles backpacking I can definitely be friends with! nice article! it’s the little things that make the trip great!