Keeping it local in Moab

Joan and I love to get out as often as possible.

Our gear is staged and ready for quick packing, and our week seems to follow a pattern – We unpack for one trip and prepare for another.

We’ll start the weekend somewhere quiet, stunning, and ideally situated for a backpacking trip over the weekend.

In the San Juan mountains of Colorado. PCO Joan.

But sometimes, Ma Nature dictates we stay home the weekend. Wet and sloppy weather makes for wet and sloppy roads. Driving on muddy roads in the rain or sleet increases the chances of getting stuck. And not our idea of fun.

Luckily, we live where even the local scenery offers nooks and crannies that always prove satisfying.

And where we find something new to us and enjoy seeing the familiar.

And, of course, we continue to marvel at and appreciate the history and culture of the place we call home –




As with the scenery, these images, both new to us and familiar, add to why we enjoy living where we do.

And some of the interesting history is more recent indeed –

Or older. Much older.

A fossil from when a sea covered what is now Moab.

Dinosaur print.

We kept it local for two weekends this month and slept at home between hikes.

But the local hikes ain’t bad.

Joan is sitting on one of the oldest geological layers in Moab at ~300 million years old.


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