Into canyon country

Joan and I love to end our week with a quick dispersed camping trip before backpacking.

It is a chance to eat good food, have cold drinks, take in the scenery, and have a nightcap. It is a perfect way to end our work week, relax, and take in some fantastic scenery without the distractions that sometimes happen when we are at home.

Sometimes, we camp in what looks like a truck commercial—except there is no campfire, flannel, or acoustic guitar. We also talk about our values over a country song or amped-up music.

(Silly me forgot my memory cards at home, so mobile device photography did the trick!)

PCO Joan. I am modeling off my 15-year-old liner pants!

We invariably take a short walk, poke around, and take in the scenery of our surroundings.

The evening light show never disappoints as we settle into camp for the evening.

But if we enjoy camping the night before, it ultimately gets us that much closer to our first love—backpacking.

Hoist the pack, walk, make camp with a few pieces of gear, repeat. And see places that are beautiful, inspiring, and memorable.

Canyon country always seems expansive, and the nooks and crannies of the many canyon forks always reveal something new to us.

And as long we live here, we’ll always find that truth.


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Matt Fed
Matt Fed
28 days ago

Looks amazing! I actually plan on doing a road trip out the the Grand Canyon this summer. It has been on my bucket list for years now.