Into the Icebox

There is no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothing.
Scandinavian saying

A friend of mine just finished his contract. I do not plan starting a new job until after the First. Another friend is gainfully unemployed.

In Boulder alone, it was 0F in the late morning (and -7 in the early morning..supposed to be -8F, -40 tonight with the windchill!). Five-thousand feet higher in the mountains? 50 MPH gusts and about -5F w/o the windchill.

BUT..there was new, fresh, and wonderful powder!

So what to do. Grab a beer? Sip some tea by the fire? Read a good book?

Naaah…wax up the skis and go skiing!

Mark, Kevin and I did a three hour tour (seriously) in the Brainard Lake Recreation area.

As always, the worse part of the trip was at the trail head parking lot. Putting on the skis. Making any last minute adjustments and futzing with gear.

Once we got going though we went from freezing to moderately cold.



Dorky skier by the dorky SKIERS ONLY emblem on the sign.

Mark's facial hair would get frostier as the day went on!


We glided along the single track and (mainly) out of the trees. After a little bit, the wind picked up again. Time to make some more adjustments!





The skiing continued to be everything I love about touring. A complete workout (upper and lower body, core, endurance and cardio) in beauty of the (very cold today!) Colorado winter.

We had a nice and constant downhill back to the car in the freshly fallen snow. Gliding along, no one around. Just the unique sound of the skis making a schuss sound.

I am covered in snow. It is about -5F out. The wind is blowing. I'm happy! Life is good!

We drove down, grabbed a beer and some hot chili at a nearby watering hole and called it a most wonderful day.

I can't complain.

Well…I am a bit despondent that biathlon training was not an option today!

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