In the valley

Though I left Boulder, CO, behind in 2017, I never forgot the friendships I made there. I’ve seen their children grow up and become young adults, and we still get together when we can.

This past weekend, proved such an example.

I met my friends for dinner in the nearby town of Green River as they came through for their family spring break. I called it an evening, and I met Joan at home after her week spent with her friend Jan on their spring break in Southwest Utah.

The following day, Joan and I met up with the Zapins and the  Blatt-Goldsteins for a delightful hike up a canyon and to the river along the Colorado/Utah border.

The canyon featured interesting rock formations, enjoyable scenery, and rock images.

The images overlooked a view of the mouth of the canyon that joined the Colorado River.


After the hike, we joined our friends in the nearby town of Fruita for a late breakfast at the always dependable Starvin’ Arvins with their scrumptious, freshly baked, and highly recommended cinnamon rolls.

We said our “farewells for now” and headed out for a night of camp. g  Once we grabbed our spot, we took a trail we’d wanted to see for a while and took in the many dinosaur fossils –

Our camp, if not as remote as we’d normally like, did allow access to the hike (and the only camping allowed in the immediate area, and the local neighbors seemed friendly enough.

We did some hiking the following day and scoped out an idea for a feature packrafting trip –

And we ended the weekend seeing some images we looked for the previous day –

All in all, it was a relaxing and enjoyable weekend spent seeing my friends, who will always be part of my life on some level.


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