Guiding with Skurka 2014

Some trips I’ll be guiding with Andrew Skurka  in 2014.



I will again be assisting Andrew Skurka with some trips in 2014.

As in previous trips, I’ll be assisting Andrew with some trips to Rocky Mountain National Park.

These trips are a great way to “fast track” your way to help learning valuable outdoor fundamentals: land nav, shelter and site selection, basic hygiene and sanitation, applied first aid and the other myriad of outdoor skills that many people (myself included!) fumble their way through.

If you are an experienced three-season outdoor person, the winter trip is a great way to experience the beauty of winter in a constructive, fun and informative way.

Not everyone has the free time and resources to spend many weekends learning by trial and error these outdoor skills.  A person  can jump start learning these skills in a solid weekend or more  learning from one of most well known backpackers today and some accomplished assistants (I’d like to think I fall into this category 🙂 ).

So if you want to learn some outdoor skill foundations, but don’t have the time or inclination to spend many weekends doing so, check out Andrew’s trips.  Be they in  my “backyard” of the Rockies or one of many other gorgeous places, these trips are a great experience.


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Dave Slowey
Dave Slowey
10 years ago

I trust you haven’t needed using you wilderness first aid knowledge since this past weekend….
Dave Slowey