Free Outdoor Books

How to get free e-books that are all about the outdoors.


I love reading. I love the outdoors. I love reading about the outdoors.

As with many people, I now seem to do a lot of reading on my tablet.  Though I have a large collection of physical books, my buying of physical books has diminished in the past couple of years.  Not to say I do not buy any physical books, it is just less than in years past.

But feeding my book habit can be expensive. The library is still a wonderful resource for borrowing books (both “real” books and increasingly more e-books), but does not always have the book I want and frankly it is inconvenient at times.

Enter this fantastic little website: Free Book Sifter

This website will let you download free e-books direct from Amazon. Naturally you need a Kindle or Kindle App. ( I am guessing if you are reading this article, you can at least download a program for your Mac/Windows/Linux box that will read Kindle books 🙂 )

These website lets you pick and choose e-books to download from Amazon. The free books usually have a limited time to download , or a “teaser” book to entice you to buy more books in the series or even a classic book with no copyright and is in the public domain.

The books are sorted by category and sub-categories so browsing is fairly easy. And since Free Book Sifter links directly to Amazon, you can look at the description and reviews of the books to see if it is worth your time to read.

I’ve downloaded not only outdoor-focused books, but also SciFi books, history books and even cookbooks.

All legal. All free. All easily linked to Amazon for your download pleasure.

Some are admittedly better than others, but you can’t go wrong with the price. (And I have found some real gems too).

Perfect for the looooong day of flying when you are seeing your relatives back East!

So download a free book. Kick back. And enjoy!

UDPATE: Books can be now downloaded, for free, from other sources too!

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10 years ago

Thanks for sharing. This is a great resource for readers….