Green Mountain Gallivants – Vermont’s Long Trail

Paul Magnanti’s Long Trail hikes of 1997 and 1999. With photos and planning information.                                                                                       

The Long Trail is Vermont’s own footpath in the wilderness. For 270 miles it winds it way along the Green Mountains. For one hundred miles it shares the the same tread way as the Appalachian Trail. At the Maine Junction the LT and the AT split; the LT continues onward to Canada and the AT continues to Katahdin.

The Long Trail is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the country. The Long Trail was also the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail. The southern portion of the AT is more popular and is more gentle; past the Maine Junction the LT is more remote, rugged, less traveled and more beautiful. Pine covered mountains, above tree line views, gorgeous Fall foliage. The Long Trail is a fantastic way to see the beauty of New England.

In 1997, I did the Long Trail as my first long distance backpack. Wanted to see if I really enjoyed even a taste of long distance hiking. Had my answer eighteen days later when I reached the Canadian border. Did the AT the following year and haven’t looked back since.  Did the LT again in 1999 as a final farewell to the Eastern mountains before my move to Colorado in  August of 1999.

I have my Long Trail photos of both treks on-line.

Also have a file I wrote  for the  Long Trail; has info on re-supply, town stops, and some other info that may be useful.


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