Giveaway: Wanderlust USA by Cam Honan

My buddy Cam Honan came out with his third book in the Gestalten Wanderlust series.  The book? Wanderlust USA. And on sale November 26th. An excellent gift for all people who love wild places.

As described by Gestalten, the book is for

Experienced outdoor enthusiasts and those lacing-up their boots for their first time: prepare to hike the diverse American landscape. Whether aiming to conquer epic expeditions, or simply complete a day hike to recharge, paths of every size await the intrepid wayfarer in Wanderlust USA, a book that serves as a blueprint for adventurous souls in search of new summits.

Stunning photography and insightful tips from veteran long-distance hiker Cam Honan bring many bucolic treks to life, including the unmissable California ancient redwoods and misty waterfalls of Yosemite Park, as well as Utah’s dramatic canyons, and the Atlantic cliffs of Maine.

As before, the book features descriptive text for some incredible areas that is practical and poetic, some basic logistic info, and striking photos.  This particular book features locations in the USA exclusively.

I won’t be reviewing the book as I wrote the chapters on Cedar Mesa and Big Bend, along with contributing photos for these and other hikes or areas featured in the book.

My photo of Chief’s Head featured in the book.

Instead, I have two copies still in their shrink wrap I’d like to give way via a contest.

My contest is simple Tell me your best experience volunteering, performing trail work or conservation, or something similar related to our public lands in 2019. 

It does not have to be work done in places featured in the book. You could describe your volunteer work at the local county open space doing LNT training or a memorable day working in the Smokies with a volunteer trail crew or how you lead youth in a reseeding project. You get the idea.

I‘ll be giving away one copy to those who directly read this website and another copy to those who participate over at r/Ultralight

I’ll pick the winners based on my very arbitrary taste. No doubt, my favorite trip partner and guest writer might add some input, too.

The rules are equally simple:

  • Your story has to be from 2019 and no more than 500 words or so.
  • It has to be about volunteer work in public lands. Again, the definition is reasonably loose.
  • Please make it in the USA; I do have to ship two hefty hardcover books after all…about USA hiking. 😉
  • Have your story to me by Sunday, December 1st at 8 PM MST. 
  • I’ll announce the winners and post the stories on Monday, December 2nd both here and on the Reddit thread.

If this sounds good, please write up your best report and write to me directly via this link or write it in the Reddit thread above.

(Also, please don’t send the stories to me via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook direct messaging as easy to lose track of different media channels vs. centralized locations for contest purposes.  Thx!)

Happy trails and writing!

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