Gear Review: Vanilla Goji Saquito

A review of Vanilla Goji Saquito 

Backpacking is not the “sexiest” of activities.  There are no flashy sponsorships or large corporate events.

It is gritty. It is dirty. It is sweaty. It ain’t glamorous.

Because it is done at a  pace of 2-3 MPH and just about anyone can walk, it does not have the cachet of more “exciting” outdoor activities.

What backpacking does have are views that no ones else sees; views that can only be earned by going deep into the backcountry.  A quiet campsite looking at the fading light over the canyon walls.  Being immersed in the rythms of the natural world.

And it involves walking all day. Then repeating it the following day. With everything you need on your back for food, water, sleeping, clothing and shelter.  With the occasional stream fording, cliff scrambling and off-trail  ‘schwacking thrown in for good measure.

And all this walking, scrambling, fording, strolling, ambling, schwacking and contemplating requires sustained energy.

Not just something to  finish a daily run,  but energy  to get you up the next hill, to continue on over the river and through the next bending of the canyon wall.

And miles to go before I sleep.  – Robert Frost

Enter Vanilla Goji Saquito .

Natural food with a high mix of protein and fat –  perfect for the long haul.

Billing itself as a “modern version of an ancient endurance energy food” , a recent trip to Dominguez Canyon with its winding canyons, washes and ancient petroglyphs would be the perfect place to put the food through its paces.

So, how did Saquito hold up?

The mix with its fat and protein content did sustain me. Fuel to get up to the plateau and down into the canyon over the longer haul.

But how did it taste? The chia seed mixture had a nutty taste. The mixture I tried out also had a hint of cinnamon and vanilla.  It was pleasing to the palate.

The product is relatively low in sugar (which make sense for an endurance product) for  the needed quick energy.

Would I use this product again? Sure.

Though I think it would work best as supplement to my trail mix.

A mixture of fats, protein and quick energy is  liked by this higher-mileage hiking backpacker.  Taking it by itself did not seem quite as substantial to me.  Basically, I think it would be a good supplement to GORP and not a replacement for.

Saquito is a great addition to the active backpacker’s food tool kit. It is just not the only tool to take when on the go.

Note: Disclosure of Material Connection: I received  Saquito Vanilla Goji mix   for free from Saquito Mix.  as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations  in consideration for review publication.



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