Gear review: Point6 light mini-crew socks


They are the punchline of jokes for Christmas gifts from relatives.  Or a utilitarian item a person does not give much thought about.

But much like tires on your car, if you do not have right socks for your style of hiking, you may not get far.

The fit will be off, blisters can happen, and your feet will be raw and chaffed. You could be limping into town to get a pair of socks that DO work.

And if the socks work? You do not give them much thought. They are there. They work. And you are done with them.

But you need a good pair of socks.

I’ve been a fan of the Champion Branded C9 socks from Target for years.

Economical, functional, and durable enough.  And still, something I suggest to people on a budget.

Bit when the weather is wet, cold, slushy, or otherwise beyond ideal three-season conditions, a simple wool or wool-blend socks is preferred for my feet. The light wool or wool-blend socks seem to fit a variety of conditions better.

A well-known brand of wool socks is loved by many. But they never fit me correctly. Socks, much like shoes, can fit different people better than some.

Then I received a free pair of Point6 socks from the CDTC as a giveaway two years ago.

Though the light crew socks are a  bit higher than I prefer in hiking socks, the light wool, the fit, the padding, and the construction of the socks fit my feet and the Brooks Cascadia shoes I favor well.

And they worked well in the sloppy mess of the Lost Creek Wilderness in late spring.

I found my new socks.

As my other socks wore out, I purchased new pairs.  I went with the light mini crew size.

This size fits me even better.

The slightly thicker socks work well with the Brooks Cascadia shoes I favor and the less maintained trails, off-trail areas, or scrambling I tend to seek.

Light mini-crew socks from Point6

At $15-$18 they are not cheap, but not overly expensive esp. considering how much use I get out of a pair.

They have been durable and functional. I like ’em.

The socks have a great warranty. And point6 will recycle the socks for you once they reach their end of life use.

And they are made just up the road from in Steamboat Springs, CO. Some quality MADE IN THE USA gear!

Yes. They are just socks.

It is not an expensive new shelter, pack, or other gear knickknacks.

But socks are among the few items I buy on a semi-regular basis.

And I found a brand that works.

Give them a try. Maybe the Point6 brand will work for you, too.

Disclosure: The first pair was a giveaway from the CDTC. I purchased other two pairs with my funds. I am not affiliated with Point6 in any way.

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7 years ago

Awesome! Thanks for the info.