Gear Review: Champion C9 Clothing (Target)

Outdoor clothing can be expensive. When a brand of clothing is that is inexpensive, functional and durable it is rare and wonderful find. And for me, the brand of clothing that fits that criteria are the Champion C9 brand found at Target.


Outdoor clothing is often expensive. A synthetic t-shirt from well known outdoor manufacturers can cost $50. A long sleeve? Even more. Running shorts, socks and so on can break the budget for what is supposed to be the simple act of going outdoors.

If you just want to get outside and play, do you always have to play top dollar?

Sometimes you get what you pay for.  Other times? Not so much.

Over the years, I’ve often used thrift store or surplus clothing, ‘real’ outdoor clothing and whatever odds and ends I find.

But the one brand I always seem to use is the Champion C9 brand carried at Target.

Their shorts and running socks are a staple for much of my hiking and backpacking.

My “uniform”: Thrift store shirt, running shoes and socks, Target shorts, boonie hat and a box o’ wine. 🙂

The long sleeve shirts are often used for shoulder season hikes and spring skis.

And for day hikes and ( now climbs)? My favorite shirt is 5 seasons old and is only now starting to show its wear and tear after hard use.

Ski and bike Mt Toll! 🙂

The shirts, socks, shorts and underwear are all well under $15.  There are also soft shell pants, jackets and vests I have not tried personally but also have received good reviews.  And in recent seasons, I’ve been rocking their running pants for skiing.

Bottom Line:   Functional, inexpensive and long lasting. Not just a good bang-for-the-buck but just plain GOOD. On the money you save on by purchasing the Champion Brand  C9 clothing, you can put towards more important things…like beer!  🙂

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Thomas Harker
Thomas Harker
8 years ago

C9 gear is about all I look for. In the late winter/earlyspring when Target changes its lines from season to season is when I find pretty good sale prices on stuff. I’m not opposed to wearing last season’s styles.

7 years ago
Reply to  Thomas Harker

“I’m not opposed to wearing last season’s styles.”
– The bears may avoid you as you have terrible taste. 😉

7 years ago

Glad to hear someone else loves C9! I’ve been picking up their (heavily discounted) synthetic tees and shorts at my local Bargain Hunt recently. Work just as well as the North Face tees for 1/5 the price!

Todd Anderson
Todd Anderson
7 years ago

Are the ones you get non-cotton? Was browsing and the first few I looked at had cotton in them, and they didn’t have an easy way to filter based on fabric to quickly check all of them.

Colorado Jones
2 years ago

Looks like Target has rebranded C9 as All In Motion. Other than that, the product line is basically the same: a reliable hiking wardrobe at a fraction of the price paid for Fashionable Brand Name Hiking Gear. Unfortunately, the current selection at stores in my area appears to be limited due to supply chain issues. I did, however, get a good price on a much needed new long-sleeved synthetic shirt.