Gear review – Lightheart Gear Base Layer Shirt

Joan looks at the made-in-the-USA, ~6..5 oz and $65 Lightheart Gear Base Layer Shirt, designed by a woman for women. This shirt comes in sizes up to 3XL as well. Over the late fall and into winter, Joan’s worn this every week on our hiking, camping, and backpacking trips. Joan noted there are no other reviews posted of this garment and thought she’d write about one of her now favorite pieces of clothing  -PM.

The most important thing about a base layer is that I don’t want to think about it— I want it to keep me at the right temperature (neither too hot nor too cold). I don’t want it to itch or stink excessively or ride up. And I want it to cover my arms and torso completely- with no cold spots.

The problem with most baselayers is that they are not designed for a body like mine- I’ve got long arms, am tall, and have curves. This means that base layers typically leave my wrists cold and ride up. And are either too boxy or too tight in the chest. They seem better suited for men and less suited for women.

In contrast, the Lightheart Gear base layer shirt is designed for a woman’s body. The fit makes such a difference! This shirt has become my go-to for day hikes and overnight backpacking trips this fall and winter. Well worth the $65 for what’s become a favorite piece of clothing.

For winter backpacking, I hike in my baselayer (often with a fleece over it) and then sleep in that same base layer. This shirt feels cozy even after walking in it all day.

The cut and tailoring fit a curvy body, but it’s not too tight. It is long in the torso, so it doesn’t ride up, works wonderfully under a hip belt of a pack, and even provides warmth on my hips— a place that often gets cold on me, especially while sleeping. I was positively thrilled that the arms were long enough too! This is the first shirt I’ve had that I’ve used the thumb holes. The shirt also comes available in sizes up to 3XL. A women’s medium weighs just under 6.5 oz.

I love the 69% polyester and 31% merino wool blend. It is soft and not itchy at all. It’s reasonably warm— perfect for winter. I prefer this blend to the 100% merino wool baselayers I’ve had, which have been slightly itchy and never felt warm and soft. But I like this material better than even capeline because it seems warmer when I sweat and doesn’t have an odor problem.

Another thing I love about this shirt is that it is made in the USA. It makes me feel good to support local gear makers who design and construct products that are obviously made with the outdoors person in mind. The Lightheart Gear Base Layer Shirt is an excellent shirt I now use in all my outdoor activities.

Disclosure – Joan paid for the Lighheart Gear Base Layer shirt with her funds.

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