Gear Review – AntiGravityGear 3 Cup Aluminum Non-Stick Cook Pot

When backpacking, a cook pot should be simple. Something light, large enough to boil water, compact and gets the job done.

Go to an REI or similar store and you will sometimes see this type of pot…for a price!

Luckily, AntiGravityGear offers a simple and inexpensive solution: A “3 cupper” cookpot.  The perfect size for the dirt bagger solo backpacker!

Over the miles and years of backpacking, I’ve used the same basic set up: A 2qt aluminum pot with a piece of tin foil for a lid and coupled with an alcohol stove.  When doing longer solo hikes, the size was perfect for me. I wanted food. And lots of it.


This meal would not earn me a Michelln star!

However, I’ve switched to eating cold food when solo. Love the simplicity, the lack of a futz factor and just the ease of making a meal.

However, when on casual weekend trips with a friend or two, I still like a hot meal, some coffee and maybe even a hot breakfast.

The two quart pot is overkill for these weekend excursions where I simply do not need/want to cook a lot of food.

Time for a replacement cook pot.

What should have been simple (a pot to boil water in, how hard could it be?) became complicated.  “Cook sets” for $60 made of titanium.  Titanium mugs. Stainless cooksets that I would love to have in my kitchen…but way too heavy for my current backpacking needs and so on.

Hitting the thrift store to find the classic (and no longer made apparently ) Walmart Grease Pot was a hit and always miss proposition.

Tried a homemade beer can pot to mixed results (though it was fun making it! 😉 ).

This past year, I stumbled upon the “3 cupper” pot from AntiGravityGear

Light, compact, simple and inexpensive.

At $10 and 3.8 oz (about 2.5 if you use a tin foil lid), it is smaller (and prettier!) version of the 2 qt cook pot I’ve used since 1999.


Much Prettier!

Three cups is enough for a typical backpacker meal and a hot drink.


I use a bandana for a pot grip, a piece of foil for a lid and an alcohol stove to make a simple, light  and effective cook set for the trips when I want a hot meal or two (as long as I don’t accidentally spill all my fuel..but that’s another story. 😉 ).

AntiGravityGear also has a complete cookset (stove, pot, stand, fuel bottle, etc) that is a good for the solo backpacker and is only $31 and less than 8oz..  Check it out!

Overall Summary: The AntiGravityGear 3 Cup Aluminum Non-Stick Cook Pot is an inexpensive, light and compact solution perfect for the solo backpacker who wants to save both  weight and money.

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Stephanie reid
Stephanie reid
4 years ago

Do you 1. 1/2 at aluminium sauce pans with a lid