Old Yeller Stove

Scary and/or amusing! My "Old Yeller" stove system  with many trail miles on it. It was 'retired' after the CDT with perhaps 6000+ trail miles on it!


Back in December 2005, we were dicussing stoves on the Pacific Crest Trail mailing list.
Mentioned my coat hanger pot stand. Some people were curious to see this system.

Well, I posted my pics. People were a bit..er amazed. See for youself. 🙂

The original e-mail:

For anyone who is curious, my lovely cookset with the  "bent coat hanger potstand" (TM).

The total cookset weight is below:

2 qt. Alum. Pot w/ tinfoil lid                 4.500 oz
Beer Can Stove                                  .375 oz
Windscreen                                        1.250 oz
Coathanger Potstand                            .875 oz
Ziplock Bag                                    .375 oz

I like a big pot for my thru-hiker appetite. a 1 qt pot does not cut it. I think a 1.5 ltr pot would do
the trick…but my pot has too much mileage on it now for me to give up.  🙂  (Long Trail, PCT, CT and
whatever else I've done since 1999).

The entire cookset in pictures:

Time to upgrade the windscreen?!?!?


The bent coathanger potstand (TM)

Beer Can Stove

My preschooler-esque stove. Used this one since 2001, there have been others.

"Old Yeller"

The stove, stand and pot. Hard to believe I eat from this setup. 🙂



I was told by Deems that "it is time to retire this puppy", so I started calling my stove
system "Old Yeller".

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Travis Briles
5 years ago

Nice. I think you may want to add an “archaeology” tag to this post :).