From the web – January 18th

A semi-regular series I’ll be starting. The direct inspiration for this post came from a similar feature Chris Townsend started recently.

Just a curation of articles, books, memes, or videos I found interesting for various reasons. Perhaps others will find them interesting as well?


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“Do you hang your food?” The bears just may not GAF. 😉

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          • A photo of Arches National Park from the 1970s courtesy of the Canyon County Zephyr.  Looks more like BLM land off-the-beaten-path rather than a busy national park!

  • A video by Chris Guichet of the Andrew Skurka Guided Adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado 1A) in which Mike Clelland and myself guided.



  • A #10YearChallenge that is actually important.


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It’s not about being comfortable, it’s about sending a message.

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  • And, finally, a reminder of a former time in a past life. Or why I am making about one-third of my previous income, but, as my colorful Mom would put it: “I’m happier than a pig in sh**.”


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  1. Haha! The bear bag comic has me cracking up. I still always hang a “bear” bag (although its usually for rodents) just because its a fun nostalgic thing to do. Take a new friend backpacking and show them how to hang a bear bag – it’s always something they remember and is part of the overall experience of learning backpacking skills. Most of my hikes are one or two overnights and not very hard core though. On these outings the main purpose of the bear bag is to avoid being woken up if there are small critters that want your food (bonus if they don’t get to it either). If I was actually in bear country though I would probably follow the local advice on canisters or lockers or whatever.

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