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We are now in the middle of winter. Grab a warm beverage, pull up your electronic device, and see what is so serious (and not so serious) in the outdoor world.

  • Not all memories of long hikes are necessarily good ones!


  • Ultralight Jerk’s view of cubicle life is a bit too accurate.


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“Is that a @backcountry sticker?” commented one of the lookie-loos. “I’ve seen enough. Fuck that guy.”

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Scientists say the Altai hunter’s lifestyle extends back thousands of years, as evidenced by this ancient rock engraving of a skier chasing an ibex. photo: npr

From ABC News

Ancestral Pueblo dwellings, such as the Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde, among these areas.

The Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) has a roughly 1-in-1,000 chance of colliding with another defunct satellite Jan. 29, according to tracking data from LeoLabs. Credit: NASA/JPL

  • And finally, some sobering news about the state of how many Americans participate in outdoor recreation. Spoiler: Few than half.  I’m not surprised. With Americans working longer hours, and taking fewer vacation days than other nations, going outdoors is a lower priority.  Never mind the outdoors part, I think it is just a reflection of many trends that have been going on for decades (financially, culturally, technology-wise).  I’ll probably write some more detailed thoughts on this topic later this week.

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