Enjoying the local gems: Fisher Mesa

Joan and I both strongly believe in the precept of keeping our recreation local during these strange times.

As I mentioned before, we have the privilege of making our choices for outdoor recreation based on ethics.

As two cis-gendered people of European descent, and a minimalist but comfortable lifestyle, deciding to recreate within a half-tank of gas or less is hardly a burden compared to the daily life of others. We made life choices, and had some good fortune, to live a lifestyle that affords this nearby recreation.

And for that, I am thankful.

#RecreateResponsibly guidelines (available in English and Spanish). For more information, see RecreateResponsibly.org.

And by staying local, we’ve taken a deeper dive into the trails around our home. Places we’ve known about or explored only a little bit in the past.

And we’ve been discovering some gems.

Places where the canyons meet the nearby mountains and views not as well-known for most outdoor Moab recreation pursuits.

We also get to see lots of wildflowers with an almost equal amount of butterflies.

And though flash floods kept me busy the day before with some volunteer work, they did make a memorable site for some dino track sitings!

We’ve altered our spring and summer 2020 recreation plans due to current events, as we think it is the responsible thing for us to do overall. But the primary silver lining is discovering the local places around us more in-depth.

Hardly a burden. And indeed a pleasure.

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