Escaping the heat in the La Sals

The thermostat is nudging up a few degrees here in Moab. Soon it will be around 100F during the day. And a good time to leave for other places early.

But I wanted to escape the heat a bit.  So a sunset and full moon hike in the mid-range areas of the La Sals seemed just the ticket.

Though the summit areas still have too much snow, the more immediate areas are flush with wildflowers, flowing streams, and welcoming groves of aspens.


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Rapidly melting snow in the La Sal Mountains. … #hiking #moab #moabutah #utah #lasalmountains

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This small mountain range near home may not have the grandeur of the Winds or the Sierra, but their delights never fail to please when I need a quick trip away from the desert floor.

The alpenglow, and then the full moon, capped off a day of mountain solitude.

I am biased, but I do feel I live in one of the most striking places in the world. And I am thankful for that every day.

I’ll soon be gone for a little bit. But I don’t think I’ll mind returning home.

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