Summer 2019 – Or why I did not answer your inquiry right away

Since I’ve given up the beige box, my life has a much better pace overall. My job involves hiking or writing, and if my paychecks aren’t my old IT salary, my expenses are no longer Front Range prices with accompanying stress levels. An excellent trade!

And my old beige box environment is starting to become this hell I luckily avoided.  From Reddit.

And part of that excellent trade is a much looser schedule. As such, I’ll be on the road or trail again starting June 25th until about mid-September.  

If you email me, Tweet me, or DM me on Instagram or Facebook, it might take a while to get back. Thanks for understanding!

So what are the plans? 

Joan and I plan on taking roughly three weeks to travel to points West. No set itinerary in mind per se (though there are places we want to see), we will camp, hike, and go backpacking.  I’ll drop Joan off at some place on the PCT where she’ll be hiking for a bit. I’ll then go on to the next phase.


  • Guiding in the High Sierra

I’ll be guiding with Andrew Skurka and others in John Muir’s “Range of Light.” for a couple of weeks. With this high snow year, things should be interesting…and beautiful.

From “Visit Tuolumne County”

  • More road tripping, and a good chance I’ll pop back home for a bit, too.

I’ll have a couple of weeks to explore before I start…

Home ain’t so bad.

My original plans involved a 500+ mile hike through New England linking together existing trails, stage roads, single track, and a small amount of paved road walking before my brother’s wedding. But plans change, and I plan on attending an event in Boulder. Did not make sense to fly back twice in a week. So I’ll be hiking in one of my favorite places in the world on an unofficial 500+ mile loop. More details to come.

On the ridge of the Sanges in the Pecos Wilderness


  • A little more exploration, then head to Boulder for an important event with my adopted family, fly back East for a family wedding, and then start the cycle of guiding and writing during the Utah fall all over again.
Coast of Rhode Island

The coast of Rhode Island


Looks like another bit of fun. My day-to-day life ain’t too bad. But always nice to see and experience new places, or old favorites, too.  Onward!

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4 years ago

Wow, that all sounds fantastic! I wanna be you. 🙂