Easter stroll in the Plains

This time of the year is typically difficult for me.

The high country has sloppy, warm snow…but a bit too much for hiking.

And I am not always in the mood to drive four hours to get to Colorado’s red rock country around Grand Junction.

The foothills are starting to open up. As much I’ve enjoyed them in the past, I must confess I am looking for something different to try esp on weekend day off. And the higher foothills can be a bit sloppy, too.

So I look to the east…

Often ignored. But the plains are always there.

As much as part of Colorado as the mountains and canyons.

So, as in years past, someone and I take to the High Plains trails.

Where there are views from below. The elevation gain is not steep. And the experience is enjoyed by someone.  We have time that is enjoyed together.

We would do a five mile or so walk around the Boulder Res area.


We’d see the mountains and foothills above as well as the part of Boulder county that is still partially rural.


Heron would be spotted along with red tail hawks. And, of course, prairie dogs.


Continuing signs of spring would be spotted. Sand lilies were in abundance.

It was a relaxing hike. A way to unwind a bit and to enjoy my someone’s company.

Not every hike has to be epic to be enjoyable.

Sometimes a simple stroll in the plains with spring time in evidence is good enough.

Esp when the company is good.



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