Early Winter

Some early winter hikes and skis in late October through early December

Fall fades. The colder weather sets in. The high country starts to get snow.  It is early winter in Colorado.

What does early winter mean?

It means foothill hikes are snowy.

Be they old favorites such as Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park:

Or exploring a new area and wondering why I have not been here before?

The foothills closer to Denver than Boulder have a network of trails I have not used much.

They have good views, challenging hikes and mile to explore.

The Bergen Peak area was quite nice and a place where I’ll to come back to in the spring.

But mainly early winter is getting ready for the ski season.

Another chance to see the trails and the mountains on my skis.

Not quite enough snow yet for big mountain back country skiing, but some surprisingly good snow for some Nordic touring. In November no less!

As the weather looks to be consistently cold, at least in the mountains,  looks like the snow is here to stay.

I am looking forward to another season on my skis. Trails to swoosh on, mountains to ski down and winter sunrises to see from my camp.

Winter is here…and I love it!

Bottom of the Guinn Mtn hut trail


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