Denver Post article on Hut Trips

A recent Denver Post article on hut trips in which I was interviewed about gourmet cooking at backcountry huts.


Over the years, I’ve grown to love hut trips.

To quote something I previously wrote:

As my friend Terry put it “The backcountry person in you loves the location and the skiing…the Italian in you loves the cooking and food!

And with these thoughts in mind, I helped contribute to a Denver Post interview about gourmet cooking at backcountry huts.

Besides my quotes, the author published some of my ideas, too.

I was tickled pink when she referred to me as an “outdoors person and photographer” as I only said my day job of an IT Monkey.  Granted, the title she chose makes me sounds much more exciting than I really am. I do like my part time gigs better, I must confess, too. 😉

Finally, I find it amusing, but not surprising at all, that all three of us interviewed have Italian last names. Coincidence? I think not.  Or, to put in another way… Uomini italiani possono cucinare? Ma naturalmente.


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  1. You have to subscribe to the Denver Post to see that article. Do you by chance have it saved anywhere so you could post it here or could you send it to me?

    1. Hi Kristen, I was able to get to that article without being subscribed to the Denver Post. I suspect you may have read your allotment of free articles for the 30 day period. Common practice for most newspapers currently. You could try reading from a different device or using Private Browsing/Incognito mode on your browser to get around this limitation. Any third-party tools, such as AdBlockers, will not be enabled while using incognito mode as an FYI.

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