Denver Post article on Hut Trips

A recent Denver Post article on hut trips in which I was interviewed about gourmet cooking at backcountry huts.


Over the years, I’ve grown to love hut trips.

To quote something I previously wrote:

As my friend Terry put it “The backcountry person in you loves the location and the skiing…the Italian in you loves the cooking and food!

And with these thoughts in mind, I helped contribute to a Denver Post interview about gourmet cooking at backcountry huts.

Besides my quotes, the author published some of my ideas, too.

I was tickled pink when she referred to me as an “outdoors person and photographer” as I only said my day job of an IT Monkey.  Granted, the title she chose makes me sounds much more exciting than I really am. I do like my part time gigs better, I must confess, too. 😉

Finally, I find it amusing, but not surprising at all, that all three of us interviewed have Italian last names. Coincidence? I think not.  Or, to put in another way… Uomini italiani possono cucinare? Ma naturalmente.


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