Cruising Thru Colorado: Paul Magnanti’s 2004 Colorado Trail Thru-Hike

Paul “Mags” Magnanti’s 2004 Thru-Hike of the Colorado Trail. With photos, journal and thru-hike information.



Colordao Trail mapOn August 21st at 9:30 AM I was at the Denver Terminus of the Colorado Trail. Twenty-days later on September 10th at 7:30, I arrived at the Durango Terminus. In between those two points saw majestic scenery, heard elks bugling and was again immersed in nature. It was a journey that let me see the beauty of my adopted home state. 

On this journey, took some alternate routes on the old CT over Hope Pass as well as a route into Missouri Gulch. These alternate routes added some mileage and elevation gain, but was worthwhile for the beauty. My total journey was about 480 miles, or approx 23 miles a day. As with previous journeys, a journal was kept and I posted some photos.

My Colorado Trail journal  will hopefully give readers of flavor for what this journey may be like. Likewise with my Colorado Trail photos.

For you stat wonks, posted two charts . One of my approx daily mileage and the amount of calories I ate. Should provide some laughs and/or insight into what can be involved for maintaining this type of thru-hike on the Colorado Trail.

I also wrote a  about the Colorado Trail “End to End” guide. In this guide you will find resupply info and town info, what type of maps to bring, how to get to and from the termini of the Colorado Trail and some other info about the CT that will be useful for those planning an extended journey on this trail.

 The Colorado Trail was a great journey; one I am glad I took.



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